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Hearing Silence
Rocinante observes his brother's 'Family,' all while reflecting on being trapped in the silent role of "Corazon." That is until one of the Family's new recruits tries to give Corazon a voice.
If Donquixote Rocinante was anything, he was observant.
A little clumsy, perhaps.
Alright, very clumsy.
But observant.
He had to be.
Corazon was the absent-minded fool who tripped over himself and set himself on fire lighting a cigarette.
Corazon had nothing to say. Nobody looked to Corazon for an opinion, nobody asked Corazon questions, and nobody expected Corazon to voice his thoughts.
Corazon was more of a presence, nothing but a pair of eyes and ears. Always present at the family’s proceedings, but offering no sound or contribution. He was merely a permanent fixture, like Jora’s particular teacup, Trebol’s sea charts, or his brother’s signature coat.
But eyes and ears are observant.
They are a spy’s tools.
So for Rocinante, the fine d
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The Grand Line – three weeks after the death of Donquixote “Corazon” Rocinante.
“If the shipments continue as planned from Pecunia and Shibbola, we’ll have plenty of resources for our advancement into the New World,” said Doflamingo, indicating the shipping routes on the large maps spread before the family. He took a sip from his glass of wine.
“Neh neh, we could expand to Golpe as well,” said Trebol. He extended a slimy finger to jab at another island.
“Indeed,” added Senor Pink, exhaling a cloud of cigarette smoke. “Their political situation has been rocky since the recent civilian uprising, and their armies are poorly managed. I’m sure their government would appreciate help from some ‘professionals.’
“Which we can easily supply,” said Diamante, reclining with a grin. “For a reasonable fee. I can’t imagine they’ll need much persuasion.”
“A sound
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Personal Histories
After the fall of Donquixote Doflamingo and the near simultaneous resignation of Trafalgar Law, the World Government had suddenly found itself down not one, but two warlords.
A council had to be called; something the World Government never particularly cared to do.
It was a pretty poor turnout, but that was to be expected.
Dracule Mihawk was largely intent on not acknowledging anyone. One of Bartholomew Kuma’s Pacifista clones had been parked mutely in a chair and was staring straight ahead, as if there as a token representation. The supposed son of Whitebeard and his asinine mother apparently had not arrived yet. Boa Hancock was, as usual, absent, as she never showed up to such things. A young freckled Marine kept watch at the door for arriving parties, clipboard in hand.
“Ma’am, I’m sorry but this is the Warlord’s Council meeting.”
“Oh good, then this is the right place then?”
“Yes ma’am, but I’m afraid –&
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Thicker Than Blood - Epilogue
The New World – A Marine Battleship. Three days after the fall of the Donquixote Family

"The Reverie is approaching," says Tsuru, casually, reading aloud from the newspaper. "Riku Dold has formally announced his intention to attend, as well as Lady Viola. And Strawhat and Law have not been found yet."
"Fufufufu, I didn't expect them to be," Doflamingo chuckles from his position chained and spread-eagled across the floor of the ship's brig. "Just think, you could have them behind bars now, if you had only –"
"I have heard your "ifs" quite enough, Doflamingo," says Tsuru, folding up the newspaper. "We are a few days from Impel Down. Once you're there you can wax "if only" to your cell all you please."
"And my family? How are they holding up in your lovely hospitality?"
"Your compatriots are being escorted with you. It is such a waste to see the young lives you have exploited suffer the same fate as you."
Doflamingo raises his eyebrows. "A waste you say,
:iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 9 33
Ch. 21 - Thicker Than Blood - An Interlude
The Yonta Maria – Three days after the fall of the Donquixote Family
Baby 5 is drinking the third glass of mead that has been pressed into her hands by her fiancé Sai. She is smiling and beaming and cheering at all the toasts and excitement, just like everyone else.
Finally! She is free to get married with no nasty strings attached, no nasty strings of Doflamingo's to get in her way or hold her back. What a wedding it shall be! Buffalo will help her –
She stops. She realizes she doesn't have a best man anymore.
Or bridesmaids.
Or someone to give her away.
Or anyone.
She knows none of Sai's friends or crew. Whom will she invite? With whom will she celebrate with? She is struck by a sudden lonesome feeling, wracking her brain for people she must know who can come to the wedding.
"Here's to that one fight where Cabbage –"
"-where Cabbageish went crazy and helped Robin senpai!"
"It's Cavendish you idiot!"

Baby 5 automatically
:iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 8 13
Ch. 20 - Thicker Than Blood
Dressrosa – Present Day. The great Statue of Pica - Level 2
"Are you nervous, Dellinger?"
Dellinger looks at Machvise, incredulous.
"Kyahaha! Why would I be nervous, Vise? I love executions!"
"Because there is more at stake here than a few lives in the Coliseum ring. Our country, our home, our family is being threatened. I don't want to see you playing games. Take this seriously."
"Be useful," says Lao G, wobbling slightly on the uneven rocks, and Baby 5 looks on at the incoming fighters through her binoculars.
Gladius rolls his eyes. "Asking Dell to take something seriously is like telling Baby 5 to say no."
"It's true," sighs Baby 5, and Dellinger giggles, hands pressed to his mouth.
"But you have no reason to be nervous," says Gladius, putting his hand on Dellinger's shoulder. "We are a family. And nothing can trouble us when we fight together."
The blood tastes fresh, invigorating in his mouth, as he kicks the fallen Ideo from the great statue of Pica.
No one h
:iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 5 8
Ch. 19 - Thicker Than Blood
Dressrosa - Present day. Two months before the fall of the Donquixote Family
When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.
You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat
And eat three pounds of sausages at a go
But now we must have clothes that keep us dry
And pay our rent and not swear in the street
And set a good example for the children.
- “A Warning” (abridged) by Jenny Joseph

Jora looks in the mirror, despondent.
No, the dress does not make her look fat.
She is fat.
This is nothing new.
Machvise and the elite executives had given her an exquisite purple dress for her birthday, one of fine silk imported from the North Blue, cut into flounces at the bottom in the height of Dressrosa’s fashion and obsession with flamenco. The dress had been cut to her figure ideally.
And that was the problem.
Most of her figure had been long gone before they even came to Dressrosa, though she can remembe
:iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 5 10
Ch. 18 - Thicker Than Blood (Free Diving)
Dressrosa – Present Day. Six months before the fall of the Donquixote Family.
Dellinger clutches his heels in one hand, the other hand stifling a giggle. Barefoot, he creeps past the rooms of his sleeping family members - his heels cause far too much noise in the long, echoing palace hallways.
Dell always takes great care that he is not followed. Jora, dear Jora, is not exactly as young as she used to be. She and Lao G had lately been taking bets on who was going to kick the bucket first. Dell is worried that if she knew he was sneaking out at night, it could very well trigger her untimely death.
It is quite a distance from the palace through the entire island of Dressrosa, but not for a half-fishman noted for his speed. The sunflower fields rush past him in a blur of muted yellow-gold in the night. Houses smear into nothing as he races through the streets of the Karta region. At this time of night the streets are empty due to the curfew, save for the occasional lone guar
:iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 5 8
Ch. 17 - Thicker Than Blood
Dressrosa – Present Day.
Eight months before the fall of the Donquixote Family.

Dellinger can hear the screaming from all the way down the hallway.
He sighs and doesn't even pause as he approaches Doflamingo's study and pushes the heavy oak door open.
Baby 5 is tied up on the floor, screaming.
Dellinger regards her upside down on the floor.
"This again, Baby 5?" he says, perturbed.
"SHUT UP!" she screams, her face streaked with mascara tracks. "YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND!"
Dellinger had watched his sister's obsession with pleasing others develop into something a little more disturbing recently, and he could only guess this meant yet another fiancé of hers had been killed.
"Ah Dellinger, good of you to join us," says Doflamingo, ignoring Baby 5 sobbing and struggling on the floor.
Dellinger beams and clicks his heels smartly. They a
:iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 5 29
Ch. 16 - Thicker Than Blood
Dressrosa – present day.
The Corrida Coliseum. Ten months before the fall of the Donquixote Family.

"Hey Dell, get over here. There's someone I want you to meet," Diamante calls from across the preparation hall.
"Let me change first, Diamante!" Dellinger yells back.
"Get over here, Dellinger."
"No! I'm covered in blood! I'm going to lick it off and when I look nice again I'll go meet whoever."
Dellinger grumbles and walks over, acutely aware that his bloodstained legs will be making a first impression on whoever he's supposed to be meeting…instead of a nice dress or top.
Diamante is standing with a husky blonde, twenty-something, who is wearing an ugly vest and has a face full of scars. The stranger is quite tall, standing even close to Diamante's considerable height.
Dellinger has taken out taller.
"This is Bellamy," says Diamante. "He's going to be hanging around Dressrosa and occasionally helping out Young Master. You'll be seein
:iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 4 6
Ch. 15 - Thicker Than Blood
Dressrsosa – present day.
Two and a half years before the fall of the Donquixote Family.

"But I don't want you to go."
"I have a very special job from Young Master, and I daren't refuse. You should be happy for me."
"But I'm not! I want you to stay here in Dressrosa!"
Dellinger pauses at the sound of raised voices, as he makes his way back to his room. There is a light shining beneath the door of Sugar and Monet's room.
"Young Master can send anyone!"
"But he picked me, it's a great honor. Please try to understand."
The farewell dinner for Monet had been splendid; the palace and the family had outdone themselves. Diamante had made a quiche. Baby 5 had fired off streamers from her arms. Even Violet had seemed – perhaps it had been a trick of the light in her clairvoyant eyes – sad to hear the news.
Dellinger pauses, listening.
"Sugar, you're a woman now. Devil fruit or not, we all know this. I'll always be your big sister, but you are Dressrosa's keeper.
:iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 5 7
Happy Birthday Lance - Monet and Sugar by Simply-Scarlet Happy Birthday Lance - Monet and Sugar :iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 12 1
Ch. 14 - Thicker Than Blood
Dressrosa's Palace – Seven years after the fall of Dressrosa.
Dellinger was curled up cross-legged on the library floor, painting his toenails blue. Gladius was knitting, bundled up in leather as always, and Diamante and Lao G were playing cards.
"Dellybean, would you like to come with me to the gallery-zamasu?" asked Jora, poking her head into the room. "I have some new pieces to put up, I could use a little help."
"Don't call me that," Dellinger whined.
Jora frowned. "You can ask in a nicer tone of voice," she said.
"Oh you'll always be my Dellybean. But nonetheless, would you like to come? It's a lovely day-zamasu, you needn't be cooped up."
"Not really," said Dellinger, focusing on his pinky toe.
"Dellinger, go be useful," muttered Lao G distractedly. "Children should be useful." Diamante chuckled. Dellinger rolled his eyes, moving on to his other foot.
"Dellinger sweetheart, perhaps you might wish to do that in your room, so you don't get blue nail polish al
:iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 5 9
Alvida by Simply-Scarlet Alvida :iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 9 6 A PSA to my Street Fighter Followers... by Simply-Scarlet A PSA to my Street Fighter Followers... :iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 9 3
Ch. 13 - Thicker Than Blood
Apatetia - non-World Government territory.
Five years after the fall of Dressrosa.

"So long as we keep sending healthy bodies to Tequila Wolf they won't be able to ignore us any longer."
"If he wants some of those bodies in the Sabody market he's going to have to share the profit."
"Maybe some of those poor unwanted souls in Sabody could be giving Tequila Wolf a hand, you know? Mariejoia wants finery and trophies, but not everyone's an exotic dancer."
"Tequila Wolf can take the ones who aren't worthy for the World Noble's trophy shelves. They need them young and fit."
Bocke took a long drag on his cigarette and ran a hand through his greasy hair. "The Joker will have to do business with us sooner or later if he wants t'keep a foothold trafficking in the North Blue."
"I hear he's a pervert," said Tsuco, picking dirt out from under his fingernails with a knife. "Takes in bleedin' kids. Keeps 'em."
"Well yeah, keeps the best fer himself don'tcha know?" said Bocke dryly.
"And they s
:iconsimply-scarlet:Simply-Scarlet 6 13

Random Favourites

Cora-Law Road Trip by CodeNameZimbabwe Cora-Law Road Trip :iconcodenamezimbabwe:CodeNameZimbabwe 382 121 Nico Robin - Skypiea by OniksiyaSofinikum Nico Robin - Skypiea :icononiksiyasofinikum:OniksiyaSofinikum 38 3 Juri Han by jason92 Juri Han :iconjason92:jason92 146 11 Dellinger emoji by catyuffie Dellinger emoji :iconcatyuffie:catyuffie 8 2 DONQUIXOTE FAMILY by awfulowafalo DONQUIXOTE FAMILY :iconawfulowafalo:awfulowafalo 170 18 Back to school by Zengel Back to school :iconzengel:Zengel 1,408 87 Good morning, Roci! (Bell-Mere from One Piece) by MajorasMasks Good morning, Roci! (Bell-Mere from One Piece) :iconmajorasmasks:MajorasMasks 72 46 Fandumb #57: Unquenchable by Neodusk Fandumb #57: Unquenchable :iconneodusk:Neodusk 500 139 Birds by Kawiku Birds :iconkawiku:Kawiku 5,785 179
Dressrosa (literally)
The fog was so thick that he could hardly see that mast he had been leaning against. Despite the gloom it was bright, a white, nearly ambient light filled the air. He stood slowly, straining to see through the fog. It was useless. He closed his eye drawing a sharp breath. If sight was failing he would have to rely on his other senses. His heart began to race at the realization that there was noting. No laughter, no bickering. The pervert was not swooning, the witch was not cackling. The captain...
It was all silent. Something had gone wrong, terribly terribly wrong.
 "Luffy! What's the fog? Do we need to drop anchor or something." He was sure of it. Everything had to be Nami's idea. Everything. She would get mad and swing, then everyone would start talking. It was a flawless plan.
"But we already did that, dear." 
He nearly fell over. The voice was Nami's, but the words. 'Dear? really? Is that even in her vocabulary?' He walked towards the voice, maybe it was that changing
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Juri Sitting by ROGUEKELSEY Juri Sitting :iconroguekelsey:ROGUEKELSEY 38 5 Sadichan by parapo Sadichan :iconparapo:parapo 21 3 OP Domino WRegis by wregis OP Domino WRegis :iconwregis:wregis 2 2 Alvida _ The Iron Mace _ Collab One Piece BR by Sano-BR Alvida _ The Iron Mace _ Collab One Piece BR :iconsano-br:Sano-BR 136 14 Alvida by daverudabaugh Alvida :icondaverudabaugh:daverudabaugh 3 4
My girl is back. Juri gets a teaser and semi-reveal, needs a trailer all to her own awesome self and I will be swooning. 

Looks like its Juri/Cammy yo? Man after I spent all that time writing about Chun-Li...Juri/Chun makes way more sense. They are like, the same person. Chun had better be in on some of that action. (Juri got herself a motorcycle? Yeah....Dare I make comments about dykes on bikes?) It's okay, Juri just wants all the ladies.

Unfortunately the story mode looks utterly horrible. Sometimes I wonder WHY they bother making a story mode for Street's just an excuse for random people to beat each other up. Skullgirls showed us how to make a story around a fighting game, Capcom clearly isn't on that level of storytelling.

How good/bad the story mode will determine if I contribute anything to game fandom-wise beyond playing it. We shall see. I have too many One Piece projects stacked right now, and Juri isn't even playable yet.

But it's reaaalll nice to my girl. Have fun with Cammy, Juri. Play nice please. Guess this needs I need to revamp my headcanons. (Damn it Capcom. Juri/Chun is too perfect. How dare you take it from me.)
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